I am committed to transparency in my campaign and how I conduct business as an elected official. We need to be able to trust our elected officials and know what they are doing on our behalf and how they are being supported in their campaigns.

Campaign Finance

I have taken the pledge with Trailblazers PAC (https://trailblazerspac.com/)

1) Fundraise using an independent campaign finance committee solely in support of their candidacy,

2) Disclose 100% of all campaign contributions and expenditures, and

3) Commit to standing up for clean government once elected to office.

To these ends, here is a link to our campaign committee reports that are submitted to the New York State Board of Elections.



If this link does not work, then please go to the New York State Board of Elections Search by Candidate or Committee Name at:


You can find us by searching for: Beau Harbin

My campaign committee details:


25 W. Court St. Cortland NY 13045

FilerID: A23491

FilerID: C11212

You should be asking all candidates and campaigns if they are committed to full disclosure. Feel free to use the link above and check for yourself.

Voting Record

I am proud of my voting record and do not shy away from my votes taken on behalf of my constituents. The Cortland County website has a location for each of the legislators that shows all the votes they have taken in all the committees to which they belong.

You are welcome to review my voting record at: