Why I'm Running

As our assemblymember, I will continue defending our most vulnerable citizens, advocating for all our district residents, and fighting to preserve our safe and welcoming communities.

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My Top Priorities

Passing the NY Health Act: I Will Co-Sponsor the NY Health Act and Fight the Inaction of Albany on this Human Right. As we have seen with this pandemic, health care is an essential human need and a human right. We have the opportunity here in New York to make sure that we cover everyone, and we can do it at a lower cost for all New Yorkers. Passing the New York Health Act would also allow everyone the personal freedom to pursue their interests and passions. Being locked into a job simply out of fear to keep some semblance of high cost health care is not freedom and it is easily lost, as so many Americans have seen in the past month.

Funding Education: Fully Fund Education from Universal Pre-K through College and Stop the Cuts and “Experimenting” by Gov Cuomo. The budget approved this year is another punch to the gut for local communities and for marginalized New Yorkers. It did not complete some of the important work that MUST get done to put New York on the right footing. It did not expand childcare and did not fully fund our education system. We also do not need to experiment with education but allow our professional teachers to do what they do best, teach our children.

Guaranteeing Economic Recovery for all: Ensure Our Recovery is Green, Renewable, and Fair for All and not just Billionaires and Corporations. We need a solid plan for our economic recovery, which must move New York forward to a green energy economy as well as ensuring our workers, our farmers, our unions and more all benefit from this recovery, and not just Wall Street billionaires.

Creating Public Utility for Broadband Coverage: Broadband Coverage for All is Key to Our Future and Must Be a Public Utility Available to All. We must expand of broadband and cellular service across our communities. This pandemic has put into high relief for us all, that we have a deep digital divide in New York and in our country. Expanding this critical utility would provide: increased access to higher paying jobs, remote working, delivery of tele-medicine, new entrepreneurship opportunities, expanding education for our children, and so much more. But cannot achieve this through a patchwork network of small pockets of coverage. We must push ahead and reframe our view of broadband access not as a nice-to-have but as the public utility it should be. The Rural Electrification Act provides a tremendously successful template for action.

Fight for Racial Justice: Justice Must be Blind and it Must be Equal or it is Not Justice I believe this needs to start with listening. Too often I see people jump in believing they have the answers or the voice to shout the loudest. But I know I need to listen, to ask questions, to educate myself, to engage, and then to help lead others. I also know what is right and wrong and believe in the message that Black Lives Matter. From my listening, I have started to put together policy changes we can accomplish in New York to make real change.