Since being elected as Legislator for District 2 in Cortland County, I have been actively involved in addressing numerous issues facing our community. I have headed up the Buildings and Grounds committee, joined the board of the Cornell Cooperation Extension of Cortland County, served on the Southern Tier 8 Regional Planning Board, participated on the Mayor's Advisory Task Force for Parker School, and much more. My focus during this time has been to help ensure we move Cortland forward through economic development, environmental conservation, and social justice reform.

As Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, I have helped lead our committee through many important issues. We have handled the jail roof leak and the issues which it has caused our jail facility. We have started a long-term plan for all buildings under our management. Our focus on this committee is to provide safe, healthy and environmentally conscious facilities for all our employees and our public visitors. We take our role as stewards of these public buildings and grounds very seriously.

I am proud of my voting record as a member of the Legislature and would invite you to check this out for yourself at: http://cortlandcountyny.iqm2.com/Citizens/Board-Member/1230-Beau-Harbin#votes